Okay, I am going to take the next two weeks and cut some fat.  I will log my food daily and consume a MAXIMUM of 200o calories with 1800 to 1900 to be the target range.  I will continue to use the Elliptical but increase my time on it by spending time on it after each work out as well as using it Tue, Thurs, Sat and Sundays.  On these off days I will stay on it for 500 calories burned.

I realize that my strength gains will either be zero or near zero.   But that is okay.  So, weeks 13 and 14 will be all about lifting heavy AND cardio while watching my caloric intake.  Afterward, I will go back to concentrating on just strength gains.

I’ll keep a daily log here for the next 14 days. Keep your fingers crossed.

About Tom Bachant

I live in Alaska and enjoy reading, SCUBA, and weightlifting.

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