I work with a Dietitian so I talked with her today about my goals and my diet.  She discouraged me from losing 6 pounds a weak and said that I would be losing too much lean body mass.  LBM is what I am trying to build here.  So, I am going to change my mind AGAIN and do more of a maintenance type diet so that I can still make gains and SLOWLY take off some weight.  I did not get my typical days meals from her but created it myself.  I will edit this later after I have analyzed it in regard to calories, Carb, Pro, and Fat.

Outline of a Typical Day-Maintenance (add 8 cups whole milk to gain fast)

Granola 2 servings
Lactose Milk 1 serving


Morning Snack
Eggbeaters 3 servings
Scrambled egg 1large
Medium Sized Apple


Chicken Breast 4oz
Lettuce 1 cup
w/ Kraft FF Italian 2 Tbl
Green Vegetable
Lactose Free Milk


Afternoon Snack
Gatorade 16oz
Beneprotein 21g (this is a protein isolate)
Choc or Vanilla Whey Shake 52g (cheap stuff from WalMart)
Lactose Free Milk
Banana or Blueberries


Apple Sauce Cup 4oz
Broc or Green Beans 1 ½ cup
6 oz meat


Eve Snack
Cottage Cheese (provides slow protein for over night)

About Tom Bachant

I live in Alaska and enjoy reading, SCUBA, and weightlifting.

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