Now that the holidays are over it is time to get to work!

I am going to really mix up the next 12 to 16 weeks of training.  My goals will be to keep the gains I have made and try and let my knees and shoulders recover AND I want to get better fit while I am at it.  I am looking into more diverse ways to exercise.  My daughter got me a two inch rope that is 40? foot long so I will add rope work for core and upper body fitness.  Other new ideas utilize the heavy bag, kettle weights, sand bags, medicine ball and box jumps.  I will continue weight training but will limit it to deadlift, Romanian deadlift, Bench press, Overhead Press and Pendlay Rows and maybe some barbell curls.  I have been using the elliptical one to two times per week burning from 300 to 500 kcals and I am going to continue doing this as it really burns up the calories fast.


When there is more day light I would like to be able to ride my bicycle to work, walk the dogs and maybe run some trails.  But sadly that is about 3 months away so in the meantime I can do something like the following:


Monday (Strength Day)

Warm-up, Deadlift, Press & Pendlay Rows, stretch

Tuesday (Upper body endurance)

Warm-up, Elliptical, Ropes, Heavy Bag

Wednesday (Core & lower body endurance)

Warm-up, Box Jumps, Pushups, Abs, stretch

Thursday (Core and Strength)

Warm-up, Sandbags, Medicine Ball, Kettle weights

Friday  (Strength Day)

Warm-up, RDL, Bench, Pendlay Rows, stretch






About Tom Bachant

I live in Alaska and enjoy reading, SCUBA, and weightlifting.

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