I only worked with the weights 9 times in these six weeks.  Somehow my form went to hell on squats.  My knees were coming way out over my toes and I didn’t realize it until after several workouts and it was too late and both knees really hurt.  However, there are some things to celebrate.  I stuck to watching my calories and currently weigh in at about 198-199.  So, instead of having a coating of 35 pounds of fat I am down to 20 pounds left to loose

 Where I am –

12/2/11    Squat 216×5

                    Row 126x5x3

12/14/11  Bench 159x5x3

12/28/11  Deadlift 235×5

                     Press 102x5x3

About Tom Bachant

I live in Alaska and enjoy reading, SCUBA, and weightlifting.

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