Summer is over and fall or autumn has arrived here in SE Alaska.  Gray skies and wet weather are normal for us here but with the shorter days and the chill of winter a few short months away fall is a time that we think about inside hobbies and activities.    Last fall, I concentrated on being able to pick heavy things off of the ground.  I drank nearly a gallon of milk a day and lifted heavy trying to pack on the muscle.  In the process I learned things about myself.  For example, I can only handle a small amount of Lactose — I had to purchase Lactose Free milk.  I also learned that I can pack fat on at a much higher rate than I can pack on muscle.  And, injuries are a bummer.   However, my posts were about the numbers and the form.

I’ve spent a lot of hours on the treadmill the past few months.  And have ventured outside to run a couple of times as well.  Running on a treadmill allows you a lot of time for introspection and creative thinking mostly because it is boring.  Whereas, when you run outside on a trail you feel connected to your surroundings.  Thanks to our forest service and local volunteers we have some really amazing trails going through some of the most beautiful forested land in the world.  But I have digressed, during my treadmill runs I thought a lot about a writing assignment that I picked up online.  The assignment was to write the end of your life.  I never did come up with a good ending but I did think about what I would like to do while I can.  I decided that running is not a time waster even though I have been spending four hours a week pursuing the activity and as I progress I can expect to spend more time.  Running gives me energy, provides me with time to really think, allows me to feel connected, makes me feel healthy and gives me a better chance of staying healthy later in life.  And like winter later in life is just around the corner.

So, with all of this introspection I thought about what Strongby50 really means to me.  Should it only be about a quest to lift something heavy off the ground?  Or is it more?

The change of season will bring a new look to Strongby50.  It is a blog so I won’t be using it as a workout log any longer; I have a composition folder for that.  Instead it will be a running commentary on my progress toward strength and fitness as I approach my half century mark.


About Tom Bachant

I live in Alaska and enjoy reading, SCUBA, and weightlifting.

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