I’ve really been making progress on my conditioning.  I love running even on the treadmill.  Put on the ear buds, crank up the music and run.  I have been trying to not do too much too soon and really thought that if I had a problem it would be my knees or feet.  My left hip flexor, the one that helps you lift your knee, is irritated or strained.  It started bothering me a weeks or so ago so I backed off the time and length of my runs and iced it for a couple of days.  And then it didn’t crop up again until yesterday when I planned to run farther.  I made it for 32 minutes and then decided I was doing more harm than good and walked for 15 minutes.

I had planned on running a 5k next Saturday.  But from what I have read on the Livestrong.com site as well as others that will just delay healing further.  Recovery takes from one to eight weeks depending on severity of the injury.  There are basically three stages the first is pain (acute inflammation), less pain (repair) and finally no pain (long term adapting).

It is weird that all of my injuries have been on my left side.  I hurt my left knee last year, my left shoulder gets irritated really easily and now my left hip flexor.  I hope that I don’t have something structurally wrong with me at the hip flexor similar to my shoulder impingement issues.

I need to let the injury heal by switching to low impact activities during the recovery.  The Elliptical will be used for cardio and perhaps I’ll get my old NordicTrack off of mothballs.  I certainly want to keep active on cardio workouts at least three days a week.    I hope I will be fine walking which I’ll do BF when possible so I will be slowly strengthening the bazillion muscles in my feet while I recover.  There are also some hip flexor exercise and stretches that might be helpful if I don’t do them too soon.


About Tom Bachant

I live in Alaska and enjoy reading, SCUBA, and weightlifting.

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