This recipe is just a guide.  Please don’t use it as a set of instructions instead adapt it to your own desires and you will be able to turn this recipe into something that You love.

I started making crackers when we gave up junk food and went ‘all in’ for healthy eating.  The recipe I started with was the Like Wasa Crackers(Low Carb) by Rachel-Snachel at What I learned from her recipe was the procedure for making the crackers.  After experimenting, I found that adding a tiny amount of xanthum gum kept the liquid from separating and adding baking soda gave the cracker a little bit more of a cracker bite.

The main cracker ingredients can be found in the grocery store.  We’ve been buying the Bob’s Red Mill products and my wife insists that I keep the Hemp flavored ones on hand.

Crackers                (Approximate time 2 1/2 hours)


1 cup Wheat Bran

3 TBS Oat Bran

3 TBS Whey or Whey Isolate (protein)

3 TBS Seeds/Flavor (Hemp, Carroway, Sesame or dry cheese like fat free cheddar or Asiago) We prefer the Hemp seeds as they have an interesting flavor.

1 3/4 Cup water

1/8 tsp Baking Soda (adds slight amount of crumb or bubbles)

1/8 tsp Xanthum gum  (keeps mixture from separating)

–Coarse Salt like Kosher or Sea Salt


Preheat oven to 350F

In blender or mixer mix all ingredients except salt. The mixture should be REALLY liquidy.  I prefer to let it set for a few minutes and then remix and add a touch more water if it looks dry.

On Silpat or baking sheet treated with no stick spray pour mixture

Spread out mixture until really thin (about 12″ x 17″ on your sheet)

Bake 8 Min

Pull out and sprinkle with salt

Score (I like using a wheel cutter)

Bake another 15 min

Turn off oven and let sit 1 hour

Flip crackers over if they want to stick cook them a little more and re-try

Turn oven back on to 250F this time and Bake 10-15 min

Turn off oven and let sit 1 hour
Test a cracker – It should be crisp with a nice snap to it- This is also a good time to pick a name for them!

You can easily add chicken bouillon, parsley etc into the mix for different flavors.  I have even made a batch with a cinnamon crisp flavor and sprinkle with sugar substitute instead of salt.  It was pretty good!


About Tom Bachant

I live in Alaska and enjoy reading, SCUBA, and weightlifting.

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  1. susbac says:

    These crackers are really really good. I munch on them without anything on them they are so awesome. Thanks for making them for me!

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