October 2012.  I am eating lots of lean meats and vegetables as well as continuing to limit my intake of white rice, pasta, potatoes and white bread.  I am eating legumes and peanut butter and jelly on whole grain bread.  I’ve been enjoying berries, pears and apples.  I’ve ordered new chef coats a size smaller and need to get smaller pants as well.  Oh, I am holding at about 165 pounds now.  I still have a little fat around my waist but am happy with my current weight.

September 2012.  I overshot my initial goal of 175lbs and hit 170lbs.  Since I have been walking to work and running three times a week I am looking pretty good.  I am no longer following a diet plan but am avoiding white rice, pasta,  potatoes, and white bread.  I limit celebration meals to a maximum of once per week.  And I am avoiding fatty foods like fried foods and high fat cuts of meat.  Also, I am not having any fruit juice and instead make sure that I choose whole fruits like apples.

June to August 2012.  I am not a Viking!  I need to loose this weight that I put on while bulking up.  The strength that I had gained is mostly gone as I haven’t worked out for months due to injury.  I am following the Dukan Diet until I get my weight at an acceptable level.

Archive 2011.  We have to eat a lot of protein to build muscle.  I love protein almost as much as I love my wife.  So, eating enough meat to have 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight should be easy…right?  Meat averages about 7 grams of protein per ounce with leaner meats doing better than your fattier cuts.  The fatty ones are the tasty ones by-the-way.  I figured this was going to be a breeze.

I got a little app for my iPhone called DailyBurn.  There are plenty of these applications but my wife recommended it because it has a barcode scanner.  I struggled for a week or so trying to hit 200 grams of protein.  These little apps can help you analyze your foods and are good to use unless you are skinny then why bother.

I started drinking milk to hit my protein goal and add a little bulk.  On the Starting Strength program they call this GOMAD, which stands for gallon of milk a day.  I normally avoid drinking milk and have maybe a glass or two per MONTH if I am eating a cookie or PB&J.  After a few days of twelve to fourteen cups a day (I never could hit sixteen) I had a horrible discovery, my pants wouldn’t fit.  Luckily, I had taken all of my body measurements so I could see if maybe my wife shrunk my clothes again or if in fact, I was bigger around.  First thing I did was hit the scale but no big change in weight.  I poked my belly with my finger and it felt the same.  Hmm, I broke out the little fabric tape and wrapped it around the fattest part of my belly.  I couldn’t believe it I was a full two inches bigger around in just a few days all from bloating.  Thank goodness I learned this over the weekend so I could replace the pants.

More proof to my theory that milk is for children and women unless it is in the form of Ice Cream or mozzarella cheese.  Lactaid cured the bloating and after only a day suffering from shortness of breath and other less pleasant symptoms I was back to normal.

I continued the half GOMAD for three weeks.  I contribute my better recovery between workout sessions, my increase in muscle mass as well as my overall weight gain to the vast quantities of milk I was swilling down.  Not all of the five pounds per week that I packed on was muscle but the extra fat around my waist was a worthwhile trade off for the gains in strength I made in such a short period of time.   My first goal for Squats was 200 pounds and once I hit it I decided to look for other means of obtaining my daily protein.  Especially since I now tip the scale at 212 pounds.


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